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EverydayImpunity x RESBAK x MMCA

EverydayImpunity x RESBAK collaborates and participates in

Looking for Another Family 2020 Asia Project at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
May 22–August 23, 2020

‘The project seeks to suggest alternatives to traditional ideas of economic or technological efficiency by exploring new concepts of “family”; expanding the word beyond its traditional definition, where it is primarily used to emphasize biological or/and marital relationships, and in doing so dealing with the importance of addressing a problem from diverse perspectives based on the different experiences and values of individuals. During this time of global uncertainty, the world seems vulnerable to the dangers of isolation and conflict. Looking for Another Family suggests that these threats have always been there, invisible but active, and encourages us to look at them in a more explicit manner. By reflecting upon what we can learn from the unveiling of previously unseen tensions, the exhibition seeks to explore the possibility of “another family,” with whom we can share emotions and search for solutions to urgent issues, repositioning the term in order to experiment with generating a sense of social solidarity.’

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Participating photographers/journalists:
Ezra Acayan
Jes Aznar
Kimberly dela Cruz
Jay Ganzon
Vincent Go
Raffy Lerma
Eloisa Lopez
Bro. Ciriaco Santiago III, CSsR
Basilio Sepe
IG: @everydayimpunity

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EverydayImpunity Cover Photo

EverydayImpunity seeks to urge everyone, especially the voiceless and victims of human rights violations by those in power to speak up and say no more. Everyday Impunity follows the tradition of what good photo reportage should be. Aesthetics play a big role in the presentation of the photos, but the message should be concise and factual. Being on Instagram, the project seeks to impose a visual impact. The photos are testaments of the reality of what is happening and the level of impunity in our society. In the Philippines, where EverydayImpunity is currently focusing on, the number of victims posted on the page is already a very strong statement.

There are images of course that are too graphic to publish, but in this case, these victims need indignation. The manner of their demise should be known, their death given justice, and to help their family find closure if these cases are solved. The effort does not seek to desensitize the viewers by the daily bombardment of gruesome murders by the state and other unpunished perpetrators but to show the reality, no more, no less. The goal is to make the audience question the dehumanizing norm that is being set upon our society. What the audience do afterwards with the information they see is solely up to them.

EverydayImpunity has inspired photographers, artists, journalists, and citizens to not only visually give face to the thousands of victims but also provide facts and evidences to actively help in pursuing justice.

Every single case of killings will haunt you. Every picture and narrative of how they were killed and the circumstances surrounding it will break your spirit and question the very foundation of the humanity of this country. They all stand out. One death is too many.

EverydayImpunity is part of the global network of everyday projects on Instagram. Curated by Jes Aznar, a co-founder of EverydayPhilippines and a long-time photojournalist and documentary photographer covering social issues and conflicts around the Southeast Asian region.

text from the 5th Suwon International Photo Festival, October 24–31, 2018