Saturday, 18 September 2021

Kalinga Kits: Support for Children (RESBAK x Gantala Press)

Dear Friends and Allies,

Since Rodrigo Duterte became president in 2016, tens of thousands of poor Filipinos have been killed in his “war on drugs.” The fatalities were usually heads of the family or breadwinners, their families driven deeper into poverty after the killings. The children left behind suffered the most: abandoned by their surviving parent or guardian, forced to stop going to school, bearing stigma and discrimination, or experiencing deep psychological distress.

COVID-19 and the eight-month lockdown in Metro Manila have added to the children’s struggles. The government’s Distance Learning Program has excluded millions of Filipino children, especially children from the peasant and urban poor sectors, who do not have access to the necessary equipment for online learning.

Up until yesterday, RESBAK and Gantala Press have been planning the best way to garner support for a project that aims to put together a range of learning and creativity packs specifically for children of the drug war who are residing in Metro Manila.

But today, upon waking up to the aftermath of Typhoon Ulysses, we are adjusting the project. While we still hope to gather learning and creative materials for children (tablets, school and art supplies, books, musical instruments, board games, sports and other recreational materials) we are now prioritizing gathering essential relief and hygiene materials specifically for children ages 3 months to 16 years who have been affected by the storm.

Thank you very much and wherever you are, we hope for your good health and safety!

Respond and Break the Silence Against the Killings
Gantala Press


In-kind donation contacts for drop-off/pick-up:
+63 917 855 6261 (Pasig)
+63 933 865 9507 (Muntinlupa)
+63 920 975 5574 (UP Village, Quezon City)
+63 945 492 2851 (Katipunan, Quezon City)

Faye Cura – 0977 290 5074

Account Name: SIPAT LAWIN INC.
Account Number: 012660018878
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Account Number: 4259152416
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM